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Луи от Молодечномебель

A set of furniture for the dining room “Louis” MM-240
The basic material for the product is – and an array of oak veneer. All facade surfaces are made using the latest technology with the use of presses HDTV preclude further deformation. Set veneer Panels of doors, lining boxes, headboards such as “tree”, promoted by hand. The presence of fronts small Fugues – result handmade masters set facings.
Bent frame construction facade emphasizes “pigtail” performed on whole nucleus-Vecino, by hot rolling. Decorative vertical bars of solid oak, with carvings made by hand, so each set is unique.
Facing shield parts – sliced ??veneer oak. Door frames, strips box, wall-bo postglacial vertical decorative bars, props, basement bars of solid oak. The wall of the front cap of medium density fibreboard (MDF)., With a decorative element-cop “pigtail”. Panels of lining box – high density fiberboard (HDF). Box drawer solid oak. Inside the boxes of fiberboard liner lined cloth.
Finish: water-based lacquer, dye “tobacco” in conjunction with the patina simulates color walnut.
Applicable accessories: guides for drawers production «Blum» Austria, full extension silent and effortless closing. Front accessories company «NAVARA» Spain. Hinges firm “METACOR» Belgium.