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Оскар от Молодечномебель

Furniture set for Oscar library MM-218

A set of libraries for the MM-218-25
B2538 x H2425 x T489

Writing desk MM-218-20
B1900 x H780 x T880

Armchair MM-193-01
B650 x H1060 x T820

Writing desk MM-218-21, -21/01
B1464 x H780 x T880

The facade of products is made of the massif of wood of an oak, except panels of openning doors, openning doors of curbstone MM-210-07, big overlays of boxes (MDF), revetted with an shaved interline interval. A cover of a table written from a wood sawdust plate, revetted with an interline interval strogany, with a facing from the oak massif on perimeter.

Main dyes: venge + white patina, white enamel + dark patina.

Except combined cases, the structure of a set includes writing tables (the 2nd curbstoned and the 1 curbstoned)