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Оскар от Молодечномебель

Furniture set for a bedroom “Oscar” MM-216

The facade of products is made of the oak massif. A framework, a cover of a curbstone, a dresser from a wood sawdust plate , revetted with an interline strogany interval, covers with a facing from the oak massif on perimeter. Color «white enamel + dark patinas». Loops of Metakor, Belgium firm, key-inside and handles brackets of production of Italy. Productions of Austria directing boxes, complete promotion and silent closing. A case with sliding doors, the mechanism of a sliding, production of Germany.

Beds are issued with a high foot back and lowered. The head back has a panel revetted with skin natural (some flowers) to beds, with the lowered foot back and picked buttons with pastes or without them.

Into a set as enter a table toilet, banquet chai, a chest. Colors «white enamel + dark patinas», «venge + white patinas», “nut”.