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Нинель от Молодечномебель

Furniture set for a bedroom “Ninel” (1/02) and (1/01)

Bed MM-167-02/16B
B1688 x H1000 x L2106

Nightstand MM-167-03
B500 x H442 x T445

Chest of MM-167-04
B796 x H876 x T445

Mirror of MM-167-05
B660 x H1010 x T29

Closet (1/02)
B1528 x H2237 x T617

cabinet MM-167-01/04
B2010 x H2237 x T617

The product is made of a wood sawdust plate, covers, from a plate of MDF, are revetted with an interline interval of an shaved oak. Decorative whetstones on case doors, walls of forward boxes and bed backs, eaves and a case socle, vertical basic whetstones of a bed from the massif of wood of an oak. Doors in a closed position are fixed by means of the rod lock. Furnish «Servis» with patina or white enamel.