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Furniture set for “Nevda” bedroom (“Nevda” facade (20))

You have a possibility to arrange the bedroom on the discretion, using offered modules, where you are waited by a big variety of products. Here for you are offered angular cases, cases for clothes beginning from one-door and finishing with 5 door, with a mirror on doors and without it, a bed with a foot back and without it, with width of berths of 900,1400,1600 and 1800 mm. In cases for clothes, in office with demountable panel board regiments, the bar for a coat hanger, which you can use if necessary, is provided, having cleaned regiments. Your sleeping accessories will comfortably disappear from extraneous eyes in the curbstone (B-6979-03), intended for this purpose. Offered cases combined diversify of your bedroom, having added it with niches, boxes and open offices. Framework: a wood sawdust plate, revetted from the face an interline interval an shaved oak, a film with the finish effect. from the inside . Facade: the oak massif in a combination with a wood sawdust plate, revetted with an interline interval an shaved oak. Profile whetstones from the oak massif. two color executions of products are offered on your choice: «Serves» and «Serves» with a patina.