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Луиза от Молодечномебель

Set of bedroom furniture “Louise” MM-227
Set of bedroom furniture “Louise” MM-227
Flowing lines, curved surfaces, graceful legs give to a bedroom sophistication and femininity. Bed beckons upholstered headboard, charms and does not let go. Elegant dressing table with a secret, when part of the cover flick of the wrist becomes a mirror. Products have several colors: classic noble – “cognac”, gentle, subtle – “white enamel with silver patina” and extraordinary, amazing – “edge-kelyur.”
Today krakelyur- a way of artificial aging surfaces education with the help of special tools, means of cracks, simulating the natural cracks from time to time. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the technique craquelure, in any form it differs a certain degree of unpredictability. This has both advantages and disadvantages: on the one-hand, it is always interesting to see what it turns cracks this time, on the other hand, is not always the real result meets your expectations. Therefore, each item is different from each other.

Accessories: Use the hidden guides TANDEM full extension silent and effortless closing production company «Blum» (Austria), facial accessories – knobs production «GIUSTI» (Italy); loop soft closing hinge and tie – the company «Hettich» Germany.
Finish: color – “cognac”, “white enamel + silver patina”, “craquelure”, varnish – water based