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Лика от Молодечномебель

Furniture set for the bedroom “Lika”

The structure of a set: cases for clothes – the 3rd door and the 4th door, for bedding etc., a bed, curbstones bedside, a dresser and a hinged mirror. Use of the massif of wood of an oak on a facade, decorative elements, frame panel design of doors, profile milling on forward walls of boxes, eaves, doors, backs of beds, on edges of reinforced covers, gives to this set products art expressiveness and appeal. The originality of a set is supplemented with the profile, decorative milling repeating on all products and use in a head back of a bed of a soft element, revetted with a genuine leather, with artificially created deepenings, having a button in the center for decoration . Dye – RM 922 or «a ripe cherry». white enamel.