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Furniture set for a bedroom “Karina”

Wardrobe MM-166-01
B1720 x H2193 x T648

Bed MM-166-02/16
B1904 x H747 x L2095

Nightstand MM-166-03
B524 x H409 x T410

Chest of MM-166-04
B928 x H860 x T410

Mirror MM-166-05
B716 x H1014 x T28

Bed “Karina”
MM-166-02/16B (without back)
B1904 x H747 x L2095

The case with sliding doors, hides behind them one office with regiments, another with the shelf and a coat hanger for clothes. the dresser and curbstones bedside on metal legs, decorative elements, differing on color, give to a set a modern look and originality. There are offered beds on your choice with a foot back or without . Products are made of a wood sawdust plate, the facade is revetted with an interline interval a light beech, color natural, a framework – a film about the finish effect.