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Furniture set for bedroom “Julius”

Wardrobe MM-116-01/01
B1926 x H2210 x T618

Bed MM-116-02
B1750 x H924 x L2097

Nightstand MM-116-03
B554 x H518 x T441

Dressing Table MM-116-08
B959 x H1819 x T463

The facade of a set of furniture for “Julius” bedroom is executed from a material popular today – plates of MDF, being pressed fraction of the tree, revetted with an oak interline interval. Particles of a tree are fastened by a lignin and paraffin, so MDF – is a very harmless material, thus allowing to create freakish drawings on a facade of products. Fine-molded elements in a bed, curbstones bedside and a toilet table from the oak massif. In this bedroom it is a very convenient, capacious case, with extreme offices under a coat hanger for clothes and the central part with capacious regiments, behind opening doors and three external drawers. Dye – RM 922 with a patina.