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Wardrobe (4 Door) MM-211-01/01
B2394 x H2095 x T659

Wardrobe (3-door) MM-211-01/02
B1814 x H2095 x T659

Wardrobe (2 doors) MM-211-01/02R
B1850 x H2232 x T748

Wardrobe (3-door) MM-211-01/03R
B2058 x H2337 x T748

Bed MM-211-02/16
B1750 x H1000 x L2124

Bed MM-211-02/16B
B1750 x H1000 x L2124

Nightstand MM-211-03
B498 x H632 x T377

Chest of MM-211-04
B1140 x H800 x T507

Mirror of MM-211-05
B700 x H900 x T28

The structure of a set: cases for clothes of the 3rd door and the 4th door, beds in width of a berth of 1600 mm, a curbstone bedside, a dresser and a mirror. Use of the massif of an oak on a facade, the frame-panel design of doors, profile milling on forward walls of boxes and eaves, gives to set products art expressiveness and a modern look.

The originality of a set is supplemented with profile eaves in cases, decorative slips, a framework and panels of a curvilinear form with profile milling of edges. Obverse edges of covers from the massif of wood have profile processing. Walls lateral frame-panel designs. A framework and panels are made of the oak massif. Dye – «Serves» with a patina.