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Furniture set for a bedroom “Camomile”

4-door cabinet MM-44-01
B2275 x H2140 x T650

Bed MM-44-02/01
B1760 x H960 x L2115

Nightstand MM-44-03
B506 x H559 x T400

Chest MM-44-04 B996 x H881 x T508

The mirror MM-44-05 B688 x H1077 x T26

dressing Table
B1204 x H774 x T400

Bed (with back)
B1560 x H960 x L2115

Bed (without back) MM-44-02/08
B1760 x H960 x L2115

Bed (without back) MM-44-02/05
B1560 x H960 x L2115

Closet (1/01) MM-44-01/01
B2275 x H2387 x T640

Closet (1/02) MM-44-06/01
B1877 x H2387 x T640

Closet (1) MM-44-06
B1877 x H2130 x T650

Characteristic of a set is manufacturing of a facade of a case, a bedside curbstone , a dresser and bed backs from the wood massif, a method of pasting of whetstones among themselves on a microthorn. Doors, backs of beds, overlays of boxes have a profile sample. A facade – the massif of wood of an alder or a birch, a framework – a wood interline interval. Obverse accessories metal, «under brass», leading western producers. Boxes on the roller directing. Sets are issued with the 4th and 3rd door cases. Dye – “camomile”.